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Went to Ethiopia last month, was an amazing trip.  Very interesting to head into a country that is just experiencing the first major forms of industrialization in 20+ years.   Geographically stunning, we trekked about 75km in 5 days and also summited to the top of Africa’s 2nd highest mountain.  Some pics attached here below, lots to share down the road as well.  click for full versions they look better.







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even batman has emotions.




















a striking modern example of this everyday hero, reflecting on the the staccato rhythm of his latest piece.

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something from the archives

I know, its been a long time since Ive posted anything.  Sad truth is that I haven’t been working on anything much creative.  I had a comb through the archives through and ound this piece which I remember snapping up while being in the west bank.  Regardless of your opinion on the whole issue, the solution to any problem is not to build walls…hopefully more uplifting stuff to come soon.  your contributions welcome.  I actually think this was snapped with my old film canon ae-1 then digitized…


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Hi blog-

How are you?  It’s summertime- belatedly here in London, however I was out and about and managed to catch a few pictures of some things.  Will resume feeding you soon.


there nothing like california…caught this picture down in sleepy Solana beach.  This house has been here for as long as I can remember, though not as long as this gorgeous palm tree.






















I’ve touched it up a bit to give it a sun bleached effect.  not sure if its overkill but I think it looks kinda rad.

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the day after

no matter what you think about the year 2011, or the mayan calandar or any other farcical call for the end of the world, its an opportunity not to be missed.  You can probably get away with doign a few things that you wouldn’t normally pull of, or at the very minimum it’s a reason to stay up all night and party till the end? [note to readers:  I still don’t think this would be a valid excuse to dress up like an avatar]  London’s a bit of a weird place at night.  The night’s here have a unique feel, punctuated by drunken cacophony, filth, damp air, and chaos.  There’s a certain living history to the city and it’s one of those cities that takes on a whole new persona at night.  With all this in mind who would miss the opportunity to go out for one last night?

So this got me thinking apocalyptic.  If tonight was the last night ever in this lifetime, wouldn’t the drinks be free?  Surely the value of that money should be decreasing daily?  After all if you knew that the world was ending in a week, would you bother going to work for the last 5 days?

Perhaps your a savy punter and you took the other side of that trade.  The worlds not going to end and guess what, were all going to wake up sunday morning with a reality hangover.  If the rapture were on its way, I probably wasn’t going anyways, but if it doesn’t least I went out with a bang.


secure from rapture


upon exit from an underground location and with the impending sunrise, I assumed the world did not end.  When I saw the man with a head would casually walk down the streets I thought the impossible- What if the evangelicals were on to something- What if instead of horseman of the apocalyse it was Zombies.  There was really no other way to describe it.  To see a man with Salt and Petter combed hair, casually walking down the street with a bloody headwound and blood splattered shirt.  For a moment he looked as if he were going to snake my taxi and I wasn’t looking forward to the zombie confrontation.  My judgement proved wrong when it emerged that he was lunging into the street not for the taxi, but to catch up with the visibly upset woman, walking barefoot through london.

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Nice ride

Art collective, car?


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how to convey awesomeness with Rastafarian provenance

go forth and multiply.

blog is back.  but its too sunny and im too white to be sitting here in front of the computer.

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absolute comedy

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next level beats and aquatic dogs.

Your not hallucinating, this really isa dog with a life jacket on.  It’s a special dog, one that can swim, play cards and number close on girls.  err, not quite…I snapped this picture one jolly day many moons back, I still can’t help laughing at it.  These dogs could be unicorns- all that is missing are the magical horns.

It’s winter.  The city is rather dead, music scene here in London has been pretty boring as of late.  Only thing that saves me from insanity this time of year are good mixes and albums.

few good mixes to check out:

HotHobo- NXTLVL MIX – great tracks and killer mix at min 20 and 22.   Love to hear this on a proper system and not my pathetic computer speakers.

NO Regular Play on beatinspace– This might be one if the best house/electro mixes I’ve heard in the last year.   Great tracks and superb mixing.  Would love to see these geezers live.

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nice legz

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